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What Message Are Your Customers Getting?

What Message Are Your Customers Getting?

Why do you spend all of that money on advertising?

So that the customer will call you, right?  If so, why are you missing the opportunity to let them know why you are the right choice?

With our on hold marketing service called MOOD: Voice, you not only get that chance but you can also let the customer know about other products and services you offer. With Mood:Voice you can change your message as little as once a year or as often as once a week, it’s completely your choice. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment to talk about your business…  We’ll even put you on hold if you want to try it out!  Better yet, click the button for a sample.


Percentage of Callers Preferring Messages to Other Hold Options


Percentage of Callers Hang Up Without Hold Message or Music


Percentage of Callers THAT DON'T CALL BACK!


Percentage of People that Made A Purchase Based On A Message

Delivery Options

Internet – No longer a need for a dedicated phone line just use the internet. Files can be sent in WAV format or MP3.

Satellite Download – A great solution if you already have our music service or if you are looking to add both.

Phone Download – The content is sent through your phone lines and loaded onto the equipment.

On premise – Discs are sent directly to your business, insert the media and the equipment does the rest. The content is digitized onto the equipment’s memory so the sound is crystal clear no matter how many times it is played.

A Few of Our Completed Projects